"Somebody" was just sitting on the Macspa bench in front of the Macspa boutique! She was swearing and talking loudly and alone..she was saying "I'm almost 40 even though I'm 34" she was dealing with real life issues by herself and no one else was there..no headphones no smartphone no laptop, and when I introduced myself she said.."I'm somebody" and I reassured her, yes indeed, she IS "somebody" ....alone in the world with a pink blanket and pink backpack 🎒 and what she had on.
She was swearing up a storm!! F this! S that! D another!
She was in distress and all she required from me was some hot cocoa and a small bag of my homemade trail mix I had brought to snack on and hard boiled organic egg. Her mental illness made it difficult to trust me! But she accepted the "healthy food" eagerly. She swore at me "F you" but immediately told me "I love you" after her provisions given. She looked at me and said " is that you?" The model on the Macspa bench she was sitting on..looked similar to me in better days! The young lady continued to sway between swearing at, and "loving" me! But I continued dialing her in and she looked at me with thankfulness and moments after I invited her to stay and enjoy her food or to utilize the public bathroom the swearing stopped and I looked out of the Macspa and she was gone faster then she had arrived! I feel I truly DID meet "somebody" today! Somebody worthy of Gods care and attention..through THIS five star server! Somebody special! Thanks young lady take care of yourself! ❤️
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